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Branch members who are on Scottish Joint Council conditions (Council, Tayside Contracts, LACD, Tayside Valuation (and other Joint Boards)) will know from our website that the Employers (through CoSLA) have made a "final" offer of 3% to £80K and £1600 beyond that.

We have already stated that Local Government delegates to Unison Scotland Region have discussed agreed to recommend that our members REJECT that offer.

A Letter detailing our reasons for recommending REJECTion was sent to CoSLA some weeks ago.

Those who have seen our Pay Loss Calculator and the Courier Coverage will probably need no further reminding of why we need everyone to VOTE and VOTE REJECT.

That Ballot opened Today 16th October and will run until 7th November.

Many of you will have already received an email with details and a personal link to the Online Ballot. If you haven't, we either don't have an email for you or your email has changed and you haven't told us. You may want to check your SPAM folder though just in case.

Even if you didn't get an email, you can still Vote Here.

For more details this useful FAQ will help explain more about the Ballot and what we are trying to achieve.

Although this is a consultative ballot and not a formal ballot for action, we need everyone's help to ensure we get enough votes to meet the 50% threshold imposed on formal ballots by the government - to show we mean business and prepare for the strike ballot, if needed.

Don't just vote, make sure all your Unison colleagues vote too. Spread the word about the ballot.

Here are Flyers etc that can help you do that:

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