As SNP Council Leaders Sweep away protection - Time to Get Ready for Action

The Dundee City Unison Branch sent the following statement by email today to all it's members in Dundee City Council and Leisure and Culture Dundee:



 Last night the above policy was heard at the Policy & Resources Committee. 

 All 14 SNP Councillors and the Lord Provost voted in favour of this policy being introduced.

 This policy opens the floodgates to introduce

  •  Compulsory Redundancies
  •  Reduce your pay protection to a year
  •  Force those seeking flexible retirement to agree to go after 2 years.

This is a direct attack on our terms and conditions and sets us up for further sweeping attacks.  Thursday’s budget setting meeting will look to pass a further report on commencing negotiations on other terms and conditions we currently have. 

We weren’t consulted on last night’s paper, there is little chance that consultation will be any better on the next one.

Be sure, these changes will affect you and I in the future.

UNISON will not stand by and watch our terms and conditions be eradicated by handing the employer the power and tools to do so. You have the power to stop this.

Last year saw big victories for staff at West Dumbartonshire and Glasgow’s Equal pay strikers who struck decisively and won.

The fight has to start here.  We will be going to consultative ballot shortly to allow your voice to be heard.

This is it – show the employer we are up for this fight.

The employer or the 15 elected members clearly only see you and I as just another cost to be reduced.  UNISON disagrees.

Let us show them we will not simply accept this.  Come along to the AGM.  Make sure you have the chance to have your say and prepare for action.

Maggie McGuire