Dundee City Council and LACD members vote resoundingly YES for action if employers don't rethink

Unison members at Dundee City Council and Leisure and Culture Dundee have sent a defiant message to their employers over the so-called “Managing Workforce Change” policy.

Over the last weeks they have been undergoing a consultative ballot which asked members if they would be prepared to take action (up to and including strike action), if the Employer(s) did not remove 3 of the key changes to terms and conditions within the policy (forced through, without consultation at a P&R committee on 18th February).

The 3 changes were:

  • Removing the long-held commitment to “No Compulsory Redundancies”
  • Cutting Pay protection from 3 years to 1 year
  • Forcing those seeking flexible retirement to retire fully within 2 years

Unison has made clear that it sees these changes as a toolkit for management to quickly make redundancies and sweeping reductions to pay and conditions. Quite apart from the attack on the already strained workforce, these cuts will have a significant negative impact on the Council services our members deliver. As such, they are entirely unacceptable.

The ballot results indicate that Unison members agree.

In the main DCC workforce, the result was 82.1% YES for action.

In LACD (where the same policy was adopted at the end of March) the result was 90% YES for action.

Although consultative at the moment, Unison is confident it will be progressing to a formal ballot, if the Employers do not reconsider their position.

The other Trades Unions for council LGE employees were also conducting ballots on the same issue among their members

From Unison’s perspective, the message is clear to the employers:

Remove these threats or there will be significant unrest within the DCC/LACD workforce.