The Nuspeak world of DCC

Ask yourself what you think it means when a position is advertised as a secondment?

Do you think it means that if you get the job, your existing substantive post will be kept (perhaps back-filled temporarily) for when your secondment completes?

If you think yes then you need to go on a training course on the language of Dundee City Council HR and Staffing sections.

It has been revealed that staff in DCC are being told posts are open to secondment, applying for them in good faith and being successful at interview, only to be handed secondment papers, at the point of accepting the appointment, that say something like "we cannot guarantee you a post at the same grade on your return and will offer 1 year cash conservation, should this be the case".

DCC HR have thus far failed to respond to Unison questions over this practice.

Our advice to members therefore has to be, if Dundee City Council offer a post as "secondment" opportunity, just smile politely, perhaps offer a rueful shake of the head, and walk away.