School Staff much more likely to catch COVID19 - It's Official

Reports on a Department for Education report that covers schools in England and Wales say the department is conceding what we all knew...that staff working on the front line in education are significantly more likely than average to contract coronavirus.
The NEU education union have examined the report.
The report shows that staff in Additional Support Needs settings (still referred to as Special Schools in England) are 7 times more likely to be infected, with ASN teachers 2 times more likely.
In mainstream primaries and secondaries, Teachers are 1.9 times more likely to contract the disease and our so-called support staff members are 3 times more likely to be infected with COVID19.
We have to ask again...
Are our members in schools and early years indeed just so much cannon fodder in government (UK and Scottish) drives to keep kids in schools to keep parents in work, making profits for business?