We Support COVID19 Vaccination Effort

We in Dundee City UNISON support the COVID19 Vaccination effort and encourage our members to do likewise.

While there may be valid concerns over the speed of development of the various vaccines being issued for COVID19, we encourage our members to look positively at the benefits of vaccination and the risks of not being vaccinated against the, for most people, marginal risks or unknowns about the 2 main vaccines (Pfizer and AstraZeneca).

Clearly those who know they can have serious allergic reactions to other medicines etc. should not consider being vaccinated without consulting their doctor on the risks.

Also, simply because no significant testing was done on pregnant women, they are advised not to be vaccinated while pregnant, unless there are other known serious risks of not being vaccinated (e.g. where they may be of significantly higher risk from COVID19) - in which case they should discuss those risks with their doctors. There is no known risk to pregnant women, however, and further research is being done - so maybe that caution can be relaxed in future.

While we share concerns over the possible reduced protection of leaving the second shot for longer than the vaccine developers recommend, we don't see that as being any reason not to get vaccinated in the first place.

It is also clear that the vaccines have been tested for how well they protect infected people from developing COVID19 as a serious illness. There isn't clear evidence of how well the vaccines prevent people from catching or spreading the virus. So we all need to continue to be careful about contact and hygiene for now, even once vaccinated.

There are a number of scaremongering rumours going about that people really should question. We won't repeat any of them here for fear of giving them any oxygen. We will simply say read the official guidance that has been provided.

Here are links to some of those guides:

This is the main hub of public facing information on the vaccine. This will host the new TV advert campaign which was launched Jan 21st. covid19vaccine

This is where you will find all the leaflets online (when you go to each leaflet, it gives you list of leaflets in other languages). The same page takes you to the BSL version and audio and email for requesting other languages and formats not provided already. coronavirus-vaccine-leaflets

Here you will find the toolkits for HCWs, care homes etc – again these provide a bit more detail for specific settings: covid-19-vaccinations

This is the specific leaflet for pregnancy: covid-vaccine-pregnancy-advice

This is the post-vaccination leaflet handed out after people have been vaccinated and talks about the need to follow the FACTS etc: covid-vaccine-what-to-expect

Public Health Scotland (PHS) will push out vaccine messaging on its dedicated twitter channel: https://twitter.com/NHSImmuniseScot

FYI - neither of the covid vaccines contains products of animal origin. PHS are believed to be working on a statement about animal testing.