Let's Plug The Gap in Pay - Vote to REJECT the Offer and YES for Action

In what was seen as a failure to stand up for Local Government services and workers, CoSLA made what is a lazy offer of simply regurgitating the Scottish Government Public Sector Pay Policy.

This is a slap in the face to Local Government workers - despite all the rhetoric over the last year.

Even enhanced as it was in the Scottish Budget negotiations, this policy/offer simply does not address the rightful demands of those in Local Government who played pivotal roles in propping up a society in crisis in the face of the COVID Pandemic. See how much you've lost against inflation over the last decade with our updated Pay Loss Calculator Here.

This on the back of over a decade of austerity and real time pay cuts against inflation which the previous award only barely kept up with.

In this election year we need to hold politicians to account over all their easy words on how much they value public services and the workers who provide them.

You can find full details on the Ballot and the Pay Claim here.

This is why we call on members to REJECT the offer and vote YES for action:

  • The offer does not do enough to address the significant and endemic problems of low pay in local government.
  • According to COSLA's own figures 55% of Local Government workers in Scotland earn below £25k per annum.  
  • That's over 100,000 workers, predominantly women, earning significantly below the average wage in Scotland which is currently sitting at £31k per anum.
  • Local Government has not stopped during the pandemic.
  • But for our local government home carers our elderly would have been left without care.  They deserve better.
  • But for our local government cleaners, our classroom assistants and janitors our schools would not have been open to provide childcare that enabled key workers to get to work.  They deserve better.
  • But for our local government workers schools would have closed and our children would have been left without an education.  They deserve better.
  • But for our environmental health officers temporary mortuaries would not have been built and our hospitals would have been overwhelmed. They deserve better.
  • But for our local government registration officers we would not have been able to register the deaths of our loved ones. They deserve better.
  • But for our leisure and culture staff being redeployed test and protect would not have been rolled out. They deserve better.
  • But for our local government workers business support grants would not have been processed.  They deserve better.
  • But for our social workers our most vulnerable would have been left without care.  They deserve better.
  • But for our refuse collectors rubbish would have built up and we would have faced another type of health emergency.  They deserve better.

Pay lost against inflation continues to grow. See how much you've lost in our updated Pay Loss Calculator Here.