Council Implements Dangerous and Dishonest Policy

Battling PresenteeismWe wrote today to Dundee City Council to protest their unilateral imposition from 1st November of a 12 week limit on COVID absence being treated as special leave.
Letters were sent to our members caught by this change and meetings held to move them onto another absence reason that will be treated as any other absence for absence management and pay reduction. These letters stated it had been agreed with their Trades Unions, which it had not.
We view this as dishonest and the imposition a breach of negotiation frameworks and will be seeking legal advice on a case by case basis for members this change is imposed on.
We informed the employer of this and our intention to let our members know.
It is bad enough that a lah, lah, lah approach to transmission in schools has been applied across Scotland and the UK. This let's just get on with it approach to a pandemic that is still killing people in the hundreds every week and seeing many more needing hospital treatment, is a disgrace.
The 12 week limit seems to be a just get over it attitude to the virus' often dreadful long-term impact on people's lives. It is also flying in the face of good public health. It may well, for instance, lead to people disguising/denying their illness until they are simply too ill to attend work - thereby creating a much higher risk of in work infection. This is the antithesis of good public health practice.
If you have been affected by this change, please contact the branch.