Unison is the biggest union representing public sector workers in the UK. We represent people in Health, Local Government, Utilities, Higher and Further Education, Police civilians, Housing Associations and other public and voluntary sector workers.

Dundee City Unison is a Local Government branch with members in and around Dundee City Council, Tayside Contracts, Dundee Social Care Partnership and other related public, voluntary or "third sector" organisations that are based in and around Dundee.

We have roughly 1,500 to 2,000 members. The vast majority are employees of Dundee City Council or one of its arms-length bodies such as Leisure and Culture Dundee, Tayside Contracts etc.. As a result we focus much of our work around these main employers but we do find ourselves representing members across many bodies in Dundee.

Unison is a lay led union and depends heavily on the leadership and representation of local rank and file union member activists. Branches  have a good deal of independence, within the rules and constitution of the union. These unpaid, activists have to find time in their working (and often non-working) time to help represent members with grievances and disciplinary issues etc. as well as campaigning and negotiating locally over bigger issues such as pay, terms and conditions etc..

We do, however, also benefit from local area, regional and national union paid staff, who are there to support the branches as required.