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At this time of year, the good cheer and generosity of xmas can quickly turn into fear and concerns in January over mounting debts.

Unison members can rest assured that, even in those hard times, your union is There For You, with a dedicated service that can help you get on top of debt and other financial problems.

Let us help you solve these worries and brighten the future.

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Dundee City Branch Secretary Elected to Unison NEC

Following the elections to Unison's National Executive Committee (NEC) held in February, Dundee City Unison's Branch Secretary, Jim McFarlane was successful in being elected to represent the Scottish Region on the Committee.

This is at least partly a reflection of the good regard Jim and our branch are held in across the Scottish Region of Unison. We offer congratulations to Jim and look forward to the additional insight and input his appointment will give our branch into the central strategic functions of our union.

Council Pay Loss Against Inflation - Why you need to REJECT the 3% offer

Unison Scottish Local Govt Pay Loss Calculator
Scottish council (and related) workers have seen their pay held back relative to the rise in cost of living for many years now. There are 2 measures of inflation (or the rise in prices and living costs), "Consumer Price Index" CPI and "Retail Price Index" RPI. The graph below shows how a typical pay point hourly rate has fallen behind where it would be, if pay rises had been matched to either CPI or RPI for April that year.
Since 2009, local government pay in Scotland has fallen well behind both these measures of living cost increases. Some rates of pay are so low that they have to be protected by The Minimum Wage or The Scottish Living Wage (SLW).
  • But what does that mean in cash terms exactly?
  • How far are you behind?
  • How much pay have you lost over those years?

The calculator below will provide an estimate of those losses for you, in cash terms. You should ask yourself, are you prepared to let that situation continue?

Select your Pay Point/Rate (as from April 2017), Input Your Weekly Hours and your Yearly Weeks worked to Calculate your Figures:

Select Your 2017 Pay Point (SCP=>Hourly_Rate (SLW Rate), Approx. Salary (37hrs/52Wks)):
Weekly Hours:
Weeks per Year:
Results will be displayed below this form...

LG Pay 2017 - Consultative Ballot NOW OPEN!

The online consultative ballot over Scottish Local Government Pay for 2017 is OPEN NOW (Friday 17th March 2017).

The ballot page is available at: and will close at noon on Friday 7th April.


(if the above link does not work, try the direct link

Unison Scotland LG is recommending that you REJECT the employer's final offer of a £350 rise for those earning up to £35K per annum (assuming a 37 hour week) but a 1% rise for those above £35K.

This falls far short of our claim of £1000 rise for all pay points.

Posters and leaflets with information on the ballot, our claim, the employer's offer and why we are recommending you REJECT, are available at:

Leaflets and posters – consultative ballot Fair Pay 2017

All you will need to access your vote is:

a) Either your Unison Member No. OR Your National Insurance Number


b) Your Date of Birth and Surname

I've Voted

Please remember, if this leads to a full postal ballot on action, the Tories have changed the law so that we must get 50% of our members voting for any ballot for industrial action to count. So, we need to start with good turnouts in the consultative ballots.

Don't let the Tories take your rights away. Use your vote or risk having no vote!  - Don't pay for the bankers' crisis. Vote REJECT