Scottish Local Govt Pay - "Revised" Offer

At a negotiating meeting this week (Tuesday 14th Feb), the employers side improved their original offer (of £250 up to £25k then 1% thereafter) to £300 up to £30K then 1% thereafter.
Our negotiators have again said that this falls way short of our claim, is not flat rate across the board and does not recognise the huge loss of real pay over recent years (inflation is currently 1.8% and rising). 
They also stressed that the employers' negotiators should seek an improved bargaining mandate from their side to reflect the significant extra monies made available in the final budget settlement at Holyrood.
There is a further meeting due on March 3rd where we expect a final offer to be made. We will proceed towards consultation on that offer.
New pay consultation guidance means there will be a recommendation but we would expect that will be to reject any offer that is significantly short of our claim.