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There for You the charity for UNISON members is here to help UNISON members get the practical and financial support they need.  Despite the current difficulties, we remain open and are here to help in any way that we can.

Currently all staff are working from home and we continue to respond to requests for help and are processing applications as quickly as possible.  Other than if there’s no alternative, please don’t send applications through the post as we’re only receiving mail once a week. 

Our general enquiry line remains open alternatively, you can send an email.  Just leave a message and one of our Support Team we’ll get back to you within 1 working day. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call: 020 7121 5620

Please read the following important information.





We are already receiving applications from members who are in financial difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus. In some cases, this has sadly meant providing support to those who have lost loved ones - including help with funeral costs.  

 CoVid19 Response Fund

For many of our members, work and household income has suddenly changed overnight.  Whether as a result of ill-health, loss of income or increased work-related costs, many will be feeling anxious about how they will make ends meet, pay household bills and put food on the table. 

We want members to know that we are here to help in whatever way we can and is why we’ve established a special CoVid19 Response Fund.  This new hardship fund will help ease the immediate financial pressures faced by members including those who have become more vulnerable by providing an immediate grant of £250 to help with essentials. 


To be eligible for a COVID-19 grant the following must apply either to the member and/or their partner:

  • Suffered a reduction in earnings as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis which has put them in financial difficulty (this could be linked to work or health related reasons) and/or
  • Member and/or partner is a key worker with increased work-related costs as a result of the crisis, e.g. transport, care, or laundry costs.
  • Be a UNISON member with at least 4 weeks membership and have paid their subscriptions;
  • Have savings of less than £800
  • Be applying for or in receipt of any statutory help that they may be entitled to. 

 How members apply

 Members in financial difficulty can apply direct by completing a simple online application form and attaching some supporting documents which will help us reach a quick decision. 

Or If you need assistance to apply you can contact me ROZ RONAN  Mobile Number 07788289024 or contact me through e-mail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view   


For all the details and, the application form itself go to: CoVid19ResponseFund

How you can help

Through your communication channels, please share information about this important initiative as widely as possible as this will ensure members who are struggling receive the help they need.  


 Other important information

 By way of a reminder, please also note that we have introduced a streamlined version of our main financial assistance application form which members can now complete electronically.  We are actively encouraging members to use the electronic form where possible as this will result in us receiving the application sooner.  Members can apply without going through the branch – something that may be helpful if you are a key worker or other reasons make it difficult to have contact with members. 

 For further information go to: and then scroll down to the section on ‘Financial Assistance


School Uniform Grants 2019

Get help with the cost of school uniforms

Families living on low income with children struggle constantly to make ends meet – and this can be particularly acute before the new school year begins when the extra costs hit hard.

But it’s not all bad news – help IS available.  The union’s welfare charity There for You has once more set up a limited fund to help members on low incomes towards the costs of school uniform through a one-off payment of £40.

The process is very similar to previous years and an amount of money has been ring-fenced to support this initiative. However, once it’s gone it’s gone! 

So don’t miss out.  Apply early and send your form and supporting paperwork in as soon as possible.  All the information you need can be found below.   Alternatively, contact UNISON Direct on 0800 0857 857 for a form to be sent to you. 

Just one more thing please don’t keep details of this grant a secret.  Help us to help even more members and let your work colleagues know that help is at hand.  There will be many, like you, worrying about how they will be able to afford uniform’s to send their children back to school in the Autumn. 

Completed applications need to be sent to There for You, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY by Friday 19 July 2019 at the latest.

Application Form


There For You - Dundee City Unison's Roz Ronan takes to the hills

You will have noticed a few fundraising events recently, organised by our branch welfare officer Roz Ronan, in aid of Unison's unique members' welfare charity "There For You".
This has been in preparation for a major fundraising event that will see Roz join other Unison activists doing a sponsored walk across the Pyrenees Mountains in the coming weeks.
She is close to her basic target of £1000 but we should all help get her past that.
"There For You" is there to help all our members. In times of need, from emergency financial support, through school clothing and winter fuel grants to respite care and holidays at times of ill health or disability - it is there for you.
It depends on us all pulling together to ensure that any of us will be helped when we need it.
Please give generously at Roz's JustGiving Page.

Pension Credit changes for mixed age couples – action required by 15 May 2019

Please take note: There are significant changes coming in for mixed age couples where one is over state pension age and the other is under.

At present the couple qualifies for the more generous rate of pension credits at the point where the older partner reaches state pension age.

From 15 May 2019 this will change so that the couple only qualify for the more generous rate of credits when the younger partner reaches state pension age. The potential benefit loss could be up to £7,000 per annum, it is therefore essential that people are encouraged to claim as soon as possible.

Please check on the links below this may help you.

This link is to the benefits calculator free usage

This link gives you additional information

With Thanks

Roz Ronan