Friday 29th Nov - City Square - Support our School Students on Climate Change

This Friday sees local school students once again join millions of others across the world taking needed action to protest against the rapidly looming threat of devastating climate change.

If we care about the world we leave to them, we need to do everything we can to support their  ongoing campaign to make politicians wake up to the desperate situation regarding accelerating global warming and the clear evidence of it's impact on our weather.

In Dundee, students will again take to the City Square from 11am to 3pm to protest.

Dundee City Unison has been working hard to help fund and support the campaign work of the Scottish Youth Climate Strikes group in our city. We will do so again on Friday.

While this event is not specifically asking for Trade Union support and involvement, it will be very welcome.

We are asking all our members to do what they can to show support, preferably by coming along to support the protest in the city square. as with 20th September, our branch banner will proudly stand alongside the placards of our school students and other climate activists.

Please come along and join in.



Green Unison Week - Take action for the Climate and Planet

16 – 20* September 2019 

Dundee City Branch is encouraging all members to get involved in activities across the week. 

We will be holding lunchtime meetings in Dundee House, East and West District Offices.
  • Mon 16th - 12:30 - East District Housing Office Community Lounge
  • Tue 17th - 12 noon - Dundee House Room 1.1
  • Wed 18th - 12:30 - West District Housing Office Community Lounge

*The climax of the week will be our call for all members and other DCC employees to come out in support of our local School Students who will be striking for the climate on Friday 20th September

We're prevented from actually striking but we can use leave (paid or flexi) to collectively leave work around 12 noon and march to join their rally in the City Square.We have written to all DCC Councillors, informing them of our plans and requesting that they support or at least don't obstruct our members taking part in this action. Feel free to make your own placards etc.
More about Green UNISON Week...Unison has been committed to protecting our environment. We have called for strong action on climate change for many years.

Green UNISON Week gives UNISON members the chance to show support for the school climate strikers ahead of their campaign to raise awareness and the school climate strike on 20 September.

Anti-trade union laws mean that UNISON branches cannot take strike action but there are many ways you can show your support for the school campaigners:

Five key actions:

  1. Find out if your UNISON branch has an environment rep? If not, encourage your branch and any interested members to get involved and become green reps!
  2. Find out what your employer is doing to reduce their environmental impact. Ask your employer to share this information with UNISON.
  3. Hold a UNISON green event. You could run a lunchtime stall in the canteen, a film show, or a talk. Why not invite a school student climate striker or a speaker from a nearby environmental campaigning organisation to come along? You can use the resources below to get people to make pledges, or promote your event online.
  4. Run a green survey. Ask your friends and colleagues for ideas on how to ‘green up’ your workplace. Get people involved and offer a prize or raffle.
  5. Run a green workplace training activity. Talk to your UNISON learning rep and look into running a lunchtime activity session for green reps and members who’d like to learn more.

You can find others who share your concerns about climate change and let UNISON Green Week be your springboard into starting a new green UNISON network where you work.

If you have any questions about Green UNISON Week, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Work in Scotland? UNISON Scotland have their own green activities planned. See what they are doing.


You’ll find lots of tips and suggestions to help you kick-start your climate campaigning in these resources from the TUC:

Download social media graphics and a workplace pledge card below.

  • Green UNISON pledge card

    6 September 2019

  • Twitter cover for Green Unison Week

    3 September 2019

  • Graphic for Twitter post

    3 September 2019

  • Graphic for Facebook post

    3 September 2019

  • Facebook cover graphic

    3 September 2019